Six people injured after woman drives through south Sacramento storefront

Originally published by on July 12, 2018 as breaking news

The updated online (below) and print versions of this story shared a byline with Claire Morgan

Six people, including a child, have suffered minor injuries after a car crashed through a Dollar Tree storefront Thursday in south Sacramento.

The Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District said the accident happened around 2:40 p.m. at the Dollar Tree store at 7020 Stockton Blvd. when a woman thought to be in her 70s accidentally accelerated through the store’s glass window.

Only three of the six people injured were transported to the hospital, according to Fire Department spokesman Chris Vestal. He also said that he believed none of the injuries to be life-threatening.

Angela Kerr, 51, was outside of the Dollar Tree talking with a security guard when the crashed occurred.

“The woman came through, and the next thing I know it was like a train, everything splattered everywhere,” Kerr said.

Kerr said that a young boy and his grandfather were two of the people injured in the crash. Injuries were sustained by people both inside the vehicle and in the store.

Vestal said that the California Highway Patrol is investigating the incident.

This story was also published in the print edition of The Sacramento Bee in the local section on page 1B July 13, 2018.

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