Visit California e-newsletter

In 2014, I was employed in a one-year internship at Visit California, the Golden State’s marketing organization for travel and tourism. As part of my job I worked on an online industry-facing newsletter, which included an address on current happenings within the organization and industry from the organization’s CEO. It also included articles covering recent events and highlighting other programs on which the organization was working.

Due to the nature of marketing and the audience for which the newsletter is aimed, the stories are anonymously authored and represent the executive staff of Visit California. Therefore, the individual articles I wrote cannot be shared. On average, I wrote two or three articles per issue.

I was also responsible for collecting content, editing stories, adding relevant hyperlinks, collecting, editing and uploading photos (including selecting cover photos), writing captions, coding HTML/CSS, and more. In addition, I wrote a how-to guide so that future interns could work with the online newsletter system. Though the company has since upgraded to a more user-friendly UI.

The link below will take you to the landing page for the newsletter (the organization is using a new web page for this now, but this will link to the version I worked on), which is defaulted to the current issue. I was responsible for issues during all of 2014 and the early months of 2015. The drop-down menu on the righthand side will allow you to choose an issue to view.

Visit California e-newsletter: Insights Online