Find your umbrella: Rain, light winds to return to Sacramento, capital region Tuesday

Originally published by on Sept. 29, 2018

The calendar says it’s autumn, but summer temperatures have held on across Northern California – that is until next week. A low-pressure system is set to bring a bit of wet weather back to the area.

According to forecasts, steady showers will begin late Monday and continue into the morning hours Tuesday.

The National Weather Service says the wet weather should clear up by late Tuesday afternoon with temperatures expected in the upper 80s by Thursday and into the weekend. Winds of up to 20 miles per hour are also expected.

Sacramento has not seen rain since May 25 with 0.32 inches and next week’s storm is expected to dump less than a tenth of an inch on the region, NWS said.

NWS meteorologist Johnnie Powell cautioned drivers to be careful as the first rains for the season can cause dangerous road conditions.

“We haven’t seen rain since around Memorial Day weekend, so any amount of moisture is going to cause us some slick roads,” he said.


According to the Associated Press, rain has already returned in other parts of California, including in areas that have recently dealt with lasting effects of drought and recent wildfires. Thunderstorms and rain throughout the northern region of the state are forecast through the weekend with some areas getting hit with showers Saturday.

“In the south, surf generated by the cyclone off Mexico is expected to build overnight, followed by rain on Monday as (Hurricane) Rosa’s moisture expands northward from Baja California.,” the AP reported.

Residents near the Holy and Cranston fires are being warned by the Riverside County Emergency Management Department that “intense rain could cause dangerous debris flows,” according to the AP.

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