See the large illegal ‘sideshow’ that led to impounded cars, arrests in Oakland

Originally published by on Sept. 23, 2018

Oakland police responded to “sideshow” activity in east Oakland late Saturday that resulted in two arrests and injuries to two officers, according to tweets by the Oakland Police Department.

Nearly 100 cars had been towed as of early Sunday morning. The illegal street racing, which ended around 5 a.m., took place overnight and shut down several roads near the area of 42nd Avenue and Interstate 880.

Sideshows are illegal demonstrations involving dozens or sometimes even hundreds of vehicles, held on vacant streets, intersections or parking lots.

The Associated Press reported that one officer suffered an injury when hit by a flying object, and another officer in a patrol car was hurt when it was rammed by a vehicle participating in the sideshows.

Police also reported gunfire and said several of the people participating in the sideshow activity were throwing rocks and bottles at officers.

See the CHP Valley Division video at

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