The Stockton Kings need a mascot. Here’s what you need for the job

Originally published by on Aug. 15, 2018

The Stockton Kings have a head coach, and now the team is seeking to fill a role that some may say is equally important: Mascot.

The Sacramento Kings’ G League affiliate announced via its social media channels that it’s looking to cast someone to act as a performer and ambassador for the team at all home games as well as during special appearances.

To translate that, the team needs someone to wear a giant suit, dance around on the basketball court and perform stunts and physical comedy to entertain basketball fans.


According to the job listing, worthy candidates need some experience as a mascot and should possess “energy, creativity, and spontaneity.” Additional skills like being able to tumble, ride a unicycle or walk on stilts will help candidates stand out, the listing said.

Of course, the person donning the mascot suit should be enthusiastic when it comes to hyping up a crowd. Candidates should also be “of good moral character.” A background in theater, dance or other athletic training is preferred, according to the job’s qualifications.

Other responsibilities for the part-time position include being able to improvise during performances and creating pre-recorded segments for crowd entertainment purposes.

To apply for the job, head over to the official job posting.

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