Monthly prize raffle event aims to support local, small businesses in West Sacramento

Originally published by on Aug. 9, 2018

If you like supporting small and local businesses, West Sacramento’s new monthly event might be of interest.

The West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce announced a new event this week that it hopes will promote local and small businesses as well as community engagement. The Third Saturday Swarm, as the name suggests, is set to take place the third Saturday of every month, beginning Aug. 18.

The event runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and tasks participants with visiting several stores in a selected shopping center, which will rotate each month, and collect stamps on a card. Cards can then be turned in for a chance to win prizes.

For the first month, shoppers are asked to stop by Big Kahuna, a self-serve frozen yogurt shop located in the Southport Town Center shopping complex at 2155 Town Center Plaza. Participants will be given their stamp card and can then proceed to visit several stores in the shopping center to collect stamps.

“The best way to attract even more shops and restaurants is to help make sure the ones that are already here keep thriving,” Christopher Cabaldon, West Sacramento’s mayor, said in a Facebook post about the event.

Of course, the chamber encourages participants to make purchases while visiting these businesses, but purchases are not required to qualify to receive stamps or to enter the raffle. Raffle prizes include a one-month pass for the city’s Via ride share program or a year’s supply of frozen yogurt from Big Kahuna.

More information on the event is available on the official website of the West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce.

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