Sacramento ranked No. 7 in what? Plus, see how it ranked among other cities

Originally published by on June 7, 2018

When it comes to reasons why people love Sacramento, weather might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, a tourism insights group placed the city in its top 10 in that category.

Sacramento ranks seventh in weather on Resonance Consultancy‘s annual Best Cities list. Las Vegas topped the list in that category.

Overall, the city ranks 33rd among large cities in the United States and 83rd on the worldwide list. New York City and London ranked first on those lists, which were released Tuesday.

Sacramento was No. 33 last year as well. Three California cities made the top 10 both last year and in 2018, and their spots didn’t change: Los Angeles at 3, San Francisco at 4 and San Diego at 6.

The No. 7 ranking for weather was attributed to Sacramento’s Mediterranean climate, which is described by Britannica as having hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. The city’s “natural attributes also drive its livability,” the report said.

Other rankings for Sacramento included No. 11 for safety, No. 12 for diversity and No. 16 for median household income.

“Sacramento, California’s state capital, is peaceful and wealthy — #16 in our Median Household Income category among America’s large cities and an even better #11 nationally in the Crime Rate ranking,” the report states. “But it’s Sacramento’s openness to immigrants that ranks it #12 in the country for diversity.”

Top 10 for Weather

According to Resonance Consultancy

1. Las Vegas

2. Los Angeles

3. Riverside

4. Phoenix

5. San Diego

6. Tucson

7. Sacramento

8. San Jose

9. San Francisco

10. Dallas

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