Laugh Factory app for PlayStation 3 offers stand-up comedy on demand

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Laugh Factory, PS3 appThey say laughter is the best medicine, but in America medicine isn’t exactly cheap.

Well, neither is laughter in a lot of cases. What if there was a way to watch as much on demand stand-up comedy as you wanted for just about $3 a month?

Sony announced via its PlayStation Blog Tuesday that an app by Laugh Factory, which is downloadable via the PlayStation 3’s store front, has been updated and now fans can watch comedy all month long for less than the cost of a gallon of gas.

A post on the blog from Laugh Factory New Media’s president Lance Koenders detailed the way the new app works. It also mentioned that the app has been around for a while, but had a lot of kinks and bugs to work out. Users on the PS Blog reported that the app has gone through a couple of Beta periods and I can speak from experience in saying that when it originally hit the PlayStation store about a year ago, it didn’t work at all.

“For less than $3 a month, the best comedians in the world will help you forget your problems or, at the very least, help you laugh at their problems!” said Koenders in the post.

The app promises to feature many established comedians with more added daily. As a bonus, viewers will be able to watch exclusive, never-before-seen footage.

In order to download the newly revamped (and properly working) app, simply log in to your PlayStation 3, navigate to the PlayStation Store and go to the “Apps” section of the menu on the left hand side of your screen. From there, you will find the Laugh Factory app. Once downloaded, it can be accessed via the “TV/Video” section of the Cross Media Bar (XMB) and a subscription can be purchased from within the app.

Let us know in the comments section if you have any problems getting the app to work. We’d also like to hear what you think of the app.

Editor’s note: The video above was created during one of the beta periods for the app so some of the information may be outdated.

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