“The Hobbit” parody gets laughs

Film class debuts “The Bobbit: An Unexpected Budget” at convocation

Originally published in the Feb. 5, 2013 print edition of the Sac City Express

Bob Martinelli, The Hobbit, The Bobbit parody

Screenshot. Bob Martinelli stars in a “Hobbit” film parody produced by the City College Filmmaking Projects class.

City College’s City Films debuted its latest creation, “The Bobbit: An Unexpected Budget,” a parody of the trailer for feature film, “The Hobbit” starring City College Vice President of Adminis­trative Services Bob Martinelli and City College President Kathryn Jeffery.

The film’s debut was met with laughter, cheers and a round of applause from faculty, staff and students in attendance at this semester’s convocation where the film was shown for the first time.

The film was created and produced by Theatre Arts and Film professor Robert Gore’s filmmaking projects (TA 332) class last semester and accord­ing to Gore, was completed just days before its debut.

Gore says that he’s extremely happy with the feedback he’s gotten so far.

“I was pleased we got the response we were hoping to get,” says Gore. “We were hoping every­one would be surprised to see Kathryn [Jeffery] and Bob [Martinelli] in it. We got the applause and laughter in all the right places. I think it was 100 percent a success. I think the people who knew about the film were surprised with the qual­ity of the film.”

Gore says that the film class returned to City College after being cut a couple years ago due to budget reasons. Part of the goal with this film, he says, was to help gain interest and exposure for the class so that district officials will see the importance of these types of classes.

“We are looking at making a sequel and pos­sibly working with the music department,” says Gore. “We’ve done that in the past. We may also collaborate with the [school’s] animation pro­gram, which is run by Patrick Crandley.”

Martinelli, who played the role of Baggins in the film, says he enjoyed the experience—even if he’s not planning to switch his profession any­time soon—and was pleased to see that others did as well.

“I’m certainly not going to quit my day job for a career in film,” says Martinelli. “I thought the class did a very fine job of using technology to produce a film parody that was quite entertain­ing given the ongoing budget crisis in California. It was a great example of working together on a project to promote student success.”

Gore added that approximately 20 students worked on the film.

Film major Tyler Adams was essential in the film-making process and says he spent countless hours working on the massive amount of com­puter graphic effects that went into the making of the film.

“It was fun to challenge myself,” says Adams, who finished the film over the winter break.

Adams was unable to attend the convocation debut but said he was happy with the response the film received.

“I was ecstatic when Rob was telling me how people reacted,” says Adams. “I was just so excited.”

In total, Gore and Adams said it took over 200 hours to make the two minute and 51 second film.

In addition to Jeffery and Martinelli, the film also features Gore, Theatre Arts and Film assis­tant professor Nathan Schemel, Vice President of Instructional Services Mary Turner and campus custodians Harry Outlaw and Gerald Pair.

Stay tuned to the Express for more on this film and other projects from the City College Theatre Arts and Film Department.

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