Proposition 30 passes, 32 fails

Calif. proposition results

Originally published Nov. 9, 2012 by

Students on City College campus held Prop 30 posters much like this one shown here to help get the proposition past this November election. Photo by Evan E. Duran.

Arguably the most important, and certainly controversial for City College students, ballot measure on California’s ballot, Proposition 30, passed by a narrow margin early Wednesday morning with a final percentage of 53.9 percent.

Proposition 30 hovered around 50 percent support for most of Tuesday night, but slowly climbed to victory, according to the Associated Press.

“Look, this was a tough fight,” said Gov. Jerry Brown of the ballot he backed. “People said I was crazy to go to the people.”

Additionally, Proposition 32, which would have seen political contributions by payroll deductions, failed with a 56.1 percent vote. This bill was up against Proposition 30.

Brown’s tax measure will initiate a one-quarter cent increase in California sales tax, as well as a seven-year income tax increase for California earners who make over $250,000 a year. The money will be distributed to education and public safety funds, according to the Associated Press.

The passing of Proposition 30 also stopped several major planned budget cuts for all of California’s colleges, including major cuts to City College.

“People believe in our schools,” said Brown. “A belief in the capacity of the state government to make some wise investments that will benefit all of us. That was what Prop. 30 was all about.”

Other propositions that passed included Proposition 35 in support of stricter human trafficking laws and Proposition 36, which calls for weakening of the harshness of California’s three strikes law.

Among those that failed to pass were Proposition 34, a bill that aimed to repeal the death penalty in California; Proposition 33, which would have based auto insurance rates on driver history; and Proposition 38, which would have seen an increase in taxes to support early childhood education, according to the Sacramento Bee.

More information on the election results is available via the Sacramento Bee.

Written in collaboration with Jessica Rine. 

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