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Student Senate president outlines semester goals

Originally published Sept. 7, 2012 by

Student Associated Council President Taylor Valmores discusses issues involving the student body, recruitment, and voting inside. Photo by Evan E. Duran.

City College’s Student Associated Council recently outlined its goals for the semester, including recruitment for open positions, lobbying to get students to register to vote, and passing resolutions on issues for the coming election.

Student Senate President Taylor Valmores said he’s hoping to do more for students this semester than was accomplished in the spring.

“I want to get past the drama in the board room,” said Valmores. “[I want to] focus on things outside the classroom.”

A big push for SAC currently is trying to fill up the remaining positions they have open both on the Student Senate and the Clubs and Events Board.

According to Secretary of Sustainability Michael Viscuso, one problem SAC is having with getting positions filled is finding students available to attend the required Wednesday meetings, which are held at noon. The senators also have to attend meetings on Mondays and each member must put in at least two hours of office work.

“I think one of the reasons is classes being cut,” said Viscuso. “SAC requires a certain amount of involvement, but [students] have to take [whichever classes] they can take.”

According to Valmores, SAC is currently working on getting into classrooms to reach out to students and help influence them to vote. They have also been passing out fliers in the quad during the first couple of weeks of classes and will be doing more of these types of things in the near future.

“I want to get students involved outside the campus too,” said Valmores. “[I want students] looking abroad, not just on campus.”

The board’s stance on Proposition 30—Jerry Brown’s tax initiative—and Proposition 31— Calif.’s two-year budget cycle proposal—are two of the ways that they hope to get students to see the bigger picture and make sure they aren’t just focusing on the campus.

Even if the time commitment is too much, Valmores said he is working on a way to get interested students involved. Students at Large is a program Valmores is working on that will allow student volunteers to be appointed to campus-wide standing committees that will help with classroom visits, lobbying in the quad, and other such activities.

Valmores hopes to involve these students as much as anyone holding a senator position.

“Obviously, they wouldn’t get the voting privilege and official title as one of the senators or executive members,” said Valmores. “I’m hoping the duties will be synonymous as a senator spot. The idea is that if someone wants to get involved, then we will welcome them with open arms. I want people who want to get involved because they want to make something of their time at Sac City and to help students, hopefully not because of a title.”

Those interested in filling an open position in the SAC can contact Valmores at or (916) 502-4099.

For more information, students can also contact SAC advisers Kim Beyrer or Chris Torres at or, respectively, or call (916) 558-2381.

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