Reception for 2012 retirees April 12

Retirees honored in Rodda Hall North 258

Originally published April 2, 2012 by

retired-viCity College’s Rodda North will play host to the SCC Retirement Reception on April 12 at 2 p.m. in Room 258.

According to the College and Community Relations office, the 2012 retirees scheduled to be honored at the reception are as follows:

  • John Altmann
  • Andy Balog
  • Marlene Biddle
  • Vicki Byers
  • Robert Cohen
  • Susan Collins
  • Ann Cook
  • Phillip Finley
  • Susan Fong
  • Melissa Green
  • Joan Greenfield
  • Thomas Kalber
  • Judith Keen
  • Karen Kunimura
  • Wendy Slobodnik
  • Jerry Sullivan
  • Reginald Turner
  • Debra Wicks

For more information on the event, call College and Community Relations at (916) 558-2413.

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