Call for reader responses to KONY 2012

The Express wants to hear from City College students

Originally published March 14, 2012 by

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With over 3 million “likes” on the campaign’s Facebook page, it’s probably safe to assume that most City College students have seen the KONY 2012 video. If not, it’s recommended to check out.

For those who don’t know, KONY 2012 is a campaign to stop Ugandan crime lord Joseph Kony from trafficking young children.  The Invisible Children campaign is using its viral video, Facebook page and social media to gain support to raise awareness in the United States and globally to make Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army pay for their “crimes against humanity,” which include kidnapping and enlisting children as soldiers and sex slaves.

The group says its goal is to bring Kony down by the end of 2012 and to make the world aware of these “invisible” crimes.

“We are advocating for the arrest of Joseph Kony so that he can be tried by the International Criminal Court (ICC) as a precedent for future war criminals,” says a press release on the IC website. “The goal of KONY 2012 is for the world to unite to see Kony arrested and prosecuted for his crimes against humanity.”

Whether you’ve seen the video, are intrigued by the size of the movement, are a supporter of the campaign, or a skeptic of the group’s motives, the Express wants to hear from the students at City College.

To contact the Express with your thoughts, comments, critiques and/or feelings on KONY 2012, email the online editors at (email address omitted because it is no longer active).

For more information on KONY 2012, visit the official Invisible Children website  or

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