Waitlist limbo

Originally published in the Jan. 21, 2012 print edition of the Sac City Express

Wait-lists appear longer than ever but according to Admissions and Records Supervisor Kim Goff the numbers are similar to last spring.

This semester, wait-lists appear longer than ever, but according to Kim Goff, Admissions and Records supervisor, the budget cuts, class size limitations and cutting of course sections have led to early registration being a must.

“You just have students registering earlier,” Goff said. “That definitely gives the feel of things being more full but enrollment-wise, we’re actually almost dead-on of what we were last spring.”

Goff said staff members are feeling the burden of the wait-list woes just as much as the students and that it’s important for students to register early.

“This has impacted counseling, it has impacted Admissions and it has impacted the administration lab. It’s just harder to find classes open later in the registration period,” Goff said. “I think we, as staff, have the same feeling as students do. We feel that there are more students coming [to City College] who have issues getting into classes later in the registration period, and we have fewer options to give them.”

Jeffrey Jones, kinesiology major at City College, said he had a difficult time this semester getting into all the classes he wanted to take.

“I signed up for five classes,” Jones said. “One at ARC and I was on the wait-list here for all four of the other classes. I got into one the first day and had to drop three classes so I could be on the football team. I added another class but the professor took three days to let wait-listed students in which affected me because I needed my financial aid right away.”

Goff suggests that students check the schedule regularly and that even if a class is full, show up on the first day anyway.

“It’s a difficult situation for everyone to be in,” Goff said. “We’re in student services. We want to help people get classes and this time of year is difficult.”

She also said it’s a good idea to try to take advantage of the West Sacramento Center and the Davis Center, as well as taking classes at less desirable times.

“It’s about being flexible and persistent,” Goff said. “Be ready on the next registration day. Do not wait, register on your day. We’re definitely here to help and students are welcome at anytime.  We’ll do what we can for them.”

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